About Clinical Trials

Clinical research studies (also called clinical trials) test the safety and effectiveness of investigational drugs for diseases and conditions.

Participating in a study is a way to learn more about your child’s health and ADHD. As a study participant, your child will be closely monitored under the guidance of the study doctor. Your child will receive all investigational drugs and study-related tests and procedures at no cost.

Study participation is voluntary, and you can remove your child from the study at any time. Although your child may or may not benefit directly from being in the study, the information gathered in the study may help other children with ADHD in the future. You will receive detailed information about study participation during the informed consent process. Talk with your child’s pediatrician, family, and friends, and ask the study doctor questions about the study before you make a decision about study participation.

The study doctor and staff respect your child’s privacy. Details about your child’s health will not be shared with anyone who is not associated with this research study unless you have given your permission (or except as required by law).

Answer a few questions to see if your child may qualify for the LEAGUE study.